Learn to sail, learn to live.

The experiences and excitement sailing delivers will change your life.
Sailing changes how you think, feel and perceive yourself. It’s a remarkable analogue skillset to learn in a digital, hyperintense world. As you learn to sail at your Cottage-in-the-City, your perspective of Toronto, recreation, sport and friendship will change. Sailing brings everything and everyone together. It teaches you how to decompress and live. It teaches you how to be present. It’s an incredible family activity.

Raise your main sail, cut the engine and drink in the sunshine. Toronto’s
hustle and bustle disappears as you sail into the blue. Fire up the bbq on your boat, turn up the music and live how you want.

When you’re ready, we’re ready. Exciting new courses this year ensure
both adults and kids can learn the empowering skillset of sailing. Signup – it’s the best decision you’ll make this year.

Adult Learn to Sail

Junior Sailing Camps