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Your Cottage-in-the-City awaits! Arrive at your private island wilderness within 10 minutes of boarding the Island Yacht Club private water shuttle. Social members are welcome to bring guests, and enjoy the full range of amenities with family, friends or clients.

Social members enjoy the full suite of Island Yacht Club amenities, including: watersports, tennis, volleyball, dining, special events, wilderness trails and child care. Social members are also able to borrow canoes and kayaks. Club sailboats are available on a daily sign-out basis for a nominal cost.

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Family-friendly activities make Muggs island perfect for quality time, but day camp for kids offers parents a much-needed break. Read a book by the pool or try new vintages at a wine-tasting event. A new, 30 second ride by private shuttle makes travel to Centre Island simple. Enjoy a family bike ride or attend a concert, but remember, you’re always close to your private retreat.

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