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We take great pride in our employees and they are the key to our success. The Island Yacht Club Team is made up of highly qualified, service-oriented professionals.

We are currently seeking individuals who have a strong desire to be part of an exceptional work experience. Team Members will enhance our mission to support active, healthy living, redefine urban recreation, and foster friendship through yachting.

We require staff that will deliver above and beyond average standards. We want our members and guests to feel like they’ve got away with out getting away. We need team players to confidently be a part of IYC’s cottage in the city.

If interested in joining our team, the positions currently available, are listed below:

The Dock Master will be responsible for the safe mooring of vessels and general operations of the main docks. The successful candidate will help coordinate the arrival and departure of vessels, maintain a safe and clean environment. Candidates must have line handling skills, the ability to use a PC and VHF radio, and the physical ability to work around the marina and docks.


  • Responsible for the daily operations of the Island Yacht Club’s docks
  • Ensure that all docks are well-maintained and safe
  • Oversee the placement of all boats to ensure the maximization of each slip is utilized
  • Directs, moves, assists, and securely moors vessels to dock
  • Ensure the docks are consistently monitored for safety and efficiency purposes
  • Maintains open communication with Marine Yard staff
  • Ensures the arrival experience is seamless for all guests
  • Process, record and balance slip payments
  • Ensure visiting boaters are respecting IYC rules and policies
  • This position requires the candidate to spend 90% off his or her work day in the outdoors


  • 2+ years of experience as a Dockmaster
  • Knowledge of Moneris Terminals and PC/VHF Radios
  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of boat safety
  • Available weekends and holidays
  • Word and Excel knowledge

The lifeguard maintains constant surveillance of patrons in the pool area of IYC. A successful candidate acts immediately and appropriately to secure safety of members and guests in the event of emergency. Provides emergency care and treatment as required until the arrival of emergency medical services.


  • Maintains consistent surveillance of members and guests in the pool area
  • Acts immediately and appropriately to secure safety in the event of an emergency
  • Ensure appropriate headcount of people in pool area on an hourly basis
  • Cautions swimmers regarding unsafe practices and safety hazards
  • Enforces pool rules and regulations
  • Administer first aid and CPR as required
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work without supervision
  • Control and report unruly behaviour and evict individuals not adhering protocols
  • Enforces pool hours and ensures pool is locked at end of shift
  • Monitors activities at pool to prevent accidents
  • Maintain pool equipment
  • Inspects facilities for cleanliness; completes general pool cleaning and maintenance duties
  • Provides general information on pool operation to members and guests


  • 4+ years of experience as a Lifeguard
  • Certified Red Cross Lifeguard
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Available weekends and holidays
A competent Restaurant Server will take orders and deliver them to our guests while maintaining and enhan