1st Edition, April 2016


Management Update:

2016 is the year of New Possibilities. New docks, new website, new amenities, new menus and new team members. The team is gearing up to deliver a turning point year to members, and is dedicated to providing transparent communication, a memorable experience and your Cottage in the City.

Here’s a Snapshot of current activities and some updates:

The first phase of the dock improvement project is nearing completion. Dock sections for the north shore should be finished in the next few weeks and will likely be launched the second week of April. The mild winter enabled us to construct the docks in relative comfort, while minimal harbour ice allowed efficient material transfer by barge.

With the help of our very talented creative team, Blockhouse has created a fantastic new website for the Island Yacht Club/Spoke on the Water. The website is now live and we encourage you to log on and see for yourself. We will be updating the site regularly adding menus and content to make it a great online experience for our members and guests.

Please visit the new website by clicking here

Blockhouse Bay Management has featured IYC in Canadian Yachting Magazine for the months of April, May and June issues. We have designed engaging ads sure to grab the attention of prospective new members.

Boats will not be running this weekend to IYC or Toronto Island Marina but you’re welcome to take the Toronto Island Ferry and walk the bridge if you wish to visit Muggs Island. Please note the Clubhouse will be closed this weekend.

Paulo, Aries and Joe will be hard at work preparing the tenders next week. We hope to have tender service available to IYC members by the second weekend of April. Blockhouse Bay Management will issue an update to confirm tender schedule and an update will go up on the website.

We have received several work orders from our boating members and will be preparing a purchase order for paint and material next week. Thank you for sending your forms. Please ensure updated insurance information is provided for your vessel. If you have not submitted your work order yet please fax to 416 203-8492 or email marineyard@iyc.ca as soon as possible.

A Message from Stan & Gus:

This year, our key focus from a culinary perspective is Creativity and Specials! We will introduce mouth watering weekday specials like Ribs night, fish and chips and free corkage to name a few. Stan’s Sunday brunch buffet will be sure to impress and an additional bar menu will be available any time during the day. Outdoor grill stations will be offered on the weekends from 2:30pm – 5:30pm as well as snack and To-Go menus, perfect for those on the go and pool side lounging.

We have our own section on the new website; members will be able to make dining reservations, review the different menus and of course view upcoming specials.

A Message from Conrad and Bella:

Hello Friends! We wanted to deliver a quick update on our winter activities. It’s been a quiet winter, with the exception of the new dock construction. We had lots of guests on the island, including a few coyotes who came and went. I saw their tracks and while we’re not natural friends, we didn’t have any personal encounters. We had a board meeting with the mink, foxes and racoons over the slow season, and we’re pleased to share our island with you! Please keep an eye out for us and say hello! The Mink Constituency prepared the following statement: “It’s been brought to our attention IYC members are displeased with our sneaky and destructive antics. We are in the process of entering a re-location program, as the fishing and amenities are more suited to us on the main Toronto Island. We’re thinking of moving, and eviction notices have been received….but no promises. We don’t however, want to end up on the menu.

Telling Tales Member Feature

2016 IYC Cruise from St Martin to Antigua
Words by Stephen Burns, music By David Cowan

telltales_1st_edition_member_1For the last number of years, we’ve been sailing one-way from St Lucia to Grenada and enjoying this cruise immensely. This year, Capt Al suggested we do a one-way from St Martin to Antigua. None of us looked at a map or we would have realized that most of the route was into a 15-20 knot headwind. Yecchh. Being spoiled in the long-held traditions of IYC, we embraced a Plan B that was arguably better than Plan A. But more about that later.

Last August we ordered two 44’ sailing catamarans from Sunsail Charters. Each pontoon contains two cabins and two heads, so we had plenty of room for eight kindred spirits. We pre-ordered plenty of Grey Goose and left the rest of the provisioning until our arrival (except for the Katz’s (NYC) aged salami that I had had shipped to Florida). The first boat hosted Al Green, Harvey Barth, Simon Gulden and Igal Holtzer. The second boat feted David Cowan, David Moscovitz, my adventurous wife Erica and yours truly.

On February 19th, the Florida stalwarts made our way to the Airport Hilton In Miami. Some of us peaked early in the food department by dining at the inimitable Joe’s Stone Crab-a long wait but well worth it. Next morning we flew to St Martin and joined up with the Toronto contingent at the Sunsail base. We provisioned the boats at the local supermarket, found out how to run the air-conditioning using the generator and had dinner at the non-memorable on-site pub.

Next morning, after the chart briefing, we motored into the waves until the lee of St Barths. We anchored successfully the second time and went ashore by dinghy into Gustavia to clear customs and marveled at the megayachts parked stern-to at the shore. We mingled with the rich and famous for the afternoon and returned to our humbled boat for a barbecue. The next morning we headed SE to Statia, which apparently reached its zenith in the 1700s and has been going downhill ever since. Al and his crew explored the island in the morning by taxi while the rest of us pounded into the waves to St Kitts. It was only 20 nm but we were feeling bruised and beat up when we got there. We managed to tie up at a (very short) finger dock at the marina downtown and wandered the shopping district with thousands of passengers from the cruise ships. Al arrived later, cursing Sunsail and their newly-named Ductape 44’. He announced that their boat was unsafe and told Sunsail to come pick up the boat in St Kitts. He and his crew caught a plane to Antigua where they frolicked for a few days at a resort, while Al plotted how to get a refund from Sunsail.

Sensing a potential mutiny, I suggested to my crew that we leave the boat in St Kitts, while we caught a launch to Nevis and checked into the Four Seasons. You probably guessed there were no objections and we immersed ourselves in the luxury that the famed resort offers. A pity it was only for one night. Have Erica tell you what it was like getting a four-hand massage at the spa. Next afternoon we took the launch back to St Kitts and then later took a long taxi ride to Reggae Beach at the deserted far end of the island. What a great spot…and the bbq dinner under the stars was superb.

After announcing to Sunsail that there was no way we were going to brave the headwinds for the 50 nm voyage to Antigua, we turned around and had a magnificent sail back to St Martin. Returning the boat, we taxied to Grande Case at the north end of the island, checked into the Grande Case Beach Resort for two nights and thoroughly enjoyed this picture-postcard and trip-advisored part of the world.

As we were unable to change our flights from Antigua to Miami, we chartered a small (two engine) prop plane and met Al and his gang at the Antigua airport. After an uneventful flight back to Miami, we picked up our van at the hotel and drove back to Trump country in Highland Beach and Lighthouse Point.

All in all, a great trip with a better than expected Plan B. Congratulations to Erica for putting up with us.

Soon to be made into a major motion picture…



Joe Murphy – Marketing
David Lovas – Management
Stan – Food & Dining
Gus – Food & Dining
Stephen Burns – IYC Member
Conrad & Bella – Resident Peacocks

Conrad and Bella are the resident Peafowl of Muggs Island. The collective term for these birds is “peafowl”. The males are “peacocks” and the females are “peahens”. The babies are called “peachicks”. A family of peafowl is called a “bevy”.

Conrad and Bella represent both the environment and island wildlife within Telltales.Their announcements will keep you informed as to ‘what’s going on’ from a conservation standpoint on Muggs Island.